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Welcome to our exclusive corporate accommodations, designed to cater specifically to the needs of business travelers. We understand that your time is valuable, which is why our fully furnished properties offer a seamless and convenient experience for your business travel needs. Our meticulously curated selection of accommodations combines comfort, style, and functionality to ensure a productive and enjoyable stay.

Yoon Homes Aesthetic

At our corporate accommodations, we prioritize, security, cleanliness and exceptional service. With flexible booking options and competitive rates, we strive to meet the unique needs of busy professionals. Our units are equipped with fast and reliable wifi, luxurious sleep experience, fully equipped kitchen, dedicated works space, premium amenities and thoughtful finishing touches

Experience the utmost comfort and convenience during your business travels. Book your stay at our corporate accommodations and elevate your corporate travel experience.


"Choosing this Airbnb unit for my business trip was a brilliant decision. The property exceeded my expectations in every way. The apartment was beautifully furnished, providing a luxurious and comfortable environment. The host's hospitality was exceptional, and they were always available to assist with any requests. The location was superb, with easy access to transportation and a wide range of amenities

- Olivia Johnson

"I can't speak highly enough of this Airbnb unit. The moment I walked in, I was impressed by the stylish decor and attention to detail. The space was thoughtfully designed to cater to the needs of corporate travelers, with a comfortable work area and reliable internet connection. The host's hospitality was exceptional, ensuring that my stay was both enjoyable and stress-free. The location was fantastic, with everything I needed within walking distance. I would choose this unit again in a heartbeat."

- Noah Patel

"I had the pleasure of staying at this Airbnb unit during my business trip, and it was truly a fantastic experience. The apartment was not only beautifully designed but also exceptionally clean and well-maintained."

- Emma Bennett

"My experience at this Airbnb unit was simply outstanding. The host went above and beyond to make me feel welcome and comfortable throughout my stay. The unit itself was stunning, with modern decor and all the necessary amenities"

- Jackson Adams

"I cannot say enough positive things about this Airbnb unit. The apartment was not only stylish but also meticulously clean and well-maintained. The host's hospitality was outstanding, and they were readily available to assist with any questions or concerns."

- Harper Lee

"Staying at this Airbnb unit was like having a home away from home. The apartment was tastefully furnished, and the cozy atmosphere helped me unwind after a long day of work"

- Elijah Wright

"I had the pleasure of staying at this Airbnb unit during my recent business trip, and it exceeded all my expectations. The apartment was not only stylish and modern but also equipped with all the amenities I needed for a productive stay."

-Lucas Martin

"Staying at this Airbnb unit was an absolute delight! The apartment was beautifully furnished, and every detail was carefully thought out to provide a comfortable and luxurious experience"

- Benjamin Lewis

Allow us to help you grow your real estate portfolio and reduce the number of vacant properties. Whether you possess one or multiple properties, we can aid you in accomplishing your goals for occupancy and generating revenue.

We offer multiple forms of assistance:


Guaranteed Rental Income

Multiple Units? No problem

When leasing you units to us, We will provide PDC's or Post-dated Cheque so you'll have a secured guaranteed income for the whole duration of the agreement, no headaches with tenants not paying on time and no worries about a tenant losing their jobs.

We sign a multi long leases for 5-10 units at once which saves you the cost and time  of finding a diff tenant for each unit and collecting payments from diff people


Less Wear and Tear

Your property will be cleaned by our cleaning team almost daily, many landlords are in shock after 2 yrs long tenant moves out and they see the condition of their property. Our team makes sure that the condition will always be in A+ for our guests


No costly turn-over

There's always a time to end the contract and to find another tenant and this is where it becomes costly
1. Deep cleaning and repainting
2. Listing fees / Realtor commissions
3. Multiple month Vacancies till the next tenant

Meet the Team

Discover our 3-step guest compliance protocol

Compliance Protocol.pptx (1).jpg

Thank you and feel at home!

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